Design A Winch

DESIGN -A-WINCHwinch page


Push button start

Torque converter for deep water starts

Chain tensioner

600 ft  line

Led indicator light to let the driver and rider know when the motor is running ( only comes on if the motor is running)

Adjustable hitch mount

Powder coated color of your choice

Customize spool and plates ( no small fine details) CNC PLASMA CUT METAL

all winches come with

paint colors of your choice

3 way adjustable hitch mount 

4 wheels

 handle to make for easy maneuverability

600 feet amsteel line and wood handle
6.5 hp pull start $1000

          electric start $1200

9 hp electric start $1800

13 hp electric start $2000

remote system $400

powder coat $300

custom plate $150

spool $100

custom spool $150 

Every Winch is built to the customers preferences. Making each winch unique and one of a kind.

Therefore, Please contact  us for more information.